Cool Pines Retreat | August 27 - 29 
With Gen-la Jampa
In-Person Only 

Take a break from your usual, hectic routine and enjoy a relaxing and meaningful weekend during the Cool Pines Retreat at IKRC Grand Canyon. Bordering the Kaibab National Forest, this annual weekend retreat is held within the beautiful and inspiring Kadampa World Peace Temple.


During this year’s meditation retreat, we will learn how to physically and mentally relax, develop peaceful and positive states of mind, and experience inner peace. The retreat includes guided meditations and practical advice on how to maintain the experience of inner peace in daily life.


Everyone is welcome!



Check in starting at 3 



  • Session 1 | 9am

  • Session 2 | 11:30am 

  • Session 3 | 2pm

  • Session 4 | 4:30pm


Supper | 6pm


Sunday :


Session 5| 9am

Optional Sunday morning class | 11 - 12:15

Gen-la Kelsang Jampa

As a senior NKT teacher, Gen-la Jampa has been a student of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso for many years, and under Geshe-la's guidance has taught at many centers and events around the world. 


Gen-la is well-loved for his clear and inspiring teachings and his ability to touch people’s hearts through his sincerity and loving-kindness.