Joyful Land Retreat

Annual Summer Retreat

July 1 - 21
In-Person | Online

With Kadam Lucy James

You are invited to join Kadam Lucy for a 3-week summer meditation retreat at the IKRC Grand Canyon. During this retreat, Kadam Lucy will guide meditations and give teachings on the unmistaken Dharma of Lamrim, Lojong and Mahamudra. 


This retreat is suitable for meditators of all levels and is a perfect and meaningful way to spend your summer break.

In the first week of retreat, we will explore the entire path to enlightenment through the Lamrim or Stages of the Path, which includes all of the 84,000 teachings that Buddha gave. In the second week, we will dive deep into the teachings of Lojong, "Training The Mind" on how to transform adversity and maintain a peaceful and happy mind all the time. In the final week, we will be guided through a series of teachings on the mind and how through meditating on its clarity, we will find a lasting source of inner peace. 

Week 1:  July 1- 7 |  The Path to Happiness - Lamrim 
Week 2:  July 8-14 | Transforming Adversity - Lojong
Week 3:  July 15 - 21 | A Blissful, Clear Mind - Mahamudra

Individual weeks and weekend options open May 17

Full-week registration is currently open.

Online attendance is LIVE only - No replays will be available. 


Session Times

8 - 9:30am

11:00 - 12:30pm

4 - 5:30

7:30 - 9pm


Kadam Lucy James

One of the senior teachers of Kadampa Buddhism, Kadam Lucy has taught extensively in England, Florida and San Francisco, and helped set up many thriving meditation centers in the past 40 years. She is regularly invited to teach courses around the United States and Europe due to her ability to present both simple and profound subjects with great clarity.

For many years, her main job was to help with the editing and production of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso’s books and she has also engaged in several years of meditation retreat.

Kadam Lucy is appreciated for her deep wisdom, clear mind and inspiring yet practical presentation of Buddha’s teachings and meditations. She is very skilled at explaining how to make these teachings immediately effective in our busy modern lives to help both ourselves and everyone around us.