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Understanding & Believing Karma
With Gen Kelsang Wangpo
October 15 & 16 

Buddha’s teachings on the law of karma gives us a clear and practical explanation on why things are the way they are, and explains how we can change our experiences from unpleasant to pleasant. Rather than seeking happiness, we learn to create it. Rather than running from unhappiness, we learn to abandon its causes. In particular, understanding and believing karma empowers us to maintain the intentions and actions that are the source of happiness and freedom for ourself and others.

Gen Kelsang Wangpo

Gen Wangpo has taught in Olympia and Tacoma, Washington, as well as in Santa Barbara, California for many years before becoming the Resident Teacher in Austin and  Houston Texas. 

Gen Wangpo is well known for his practical and skilled way of presenting ancient Buddhist wisdom. He is particularly talented in analyzing subjects deeply, from many angles. With this, he is able to deliver advice that is effective and produces quick results. Combined with many years of Buddhist learning, and over a decade of teaching, he provides powerful spiritual guidance that benefits all aspects of human life.