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 Why go on retreat?​

There is no better way to give yourself a break from the daily routine and reassess your life than by engaging in a meditation retreat.

If I'm a complete beginner, should I attend a retreat?

Retreats are beneficial for everyone, regardless of previous experience in meditation or familiarity with Buddhist teachings.

Am I required to attend the full retreat?

Although complete attendance is not mandatory, attending the entire retreat is highly beneficial, as each session builds on the next.

Do I need to be Buddhist to attend a retreat?

Our Finding Peace Weekend Retreats as well as our Rest & Reflect Personal Retreats are catered mainly to those who are simply wishing to explore meditation practice and Buddhist teachings but do not require you to be Buddhist to attend. Some more in-depth courses such as our International Winter Retreats and In-depth retreats are designed to help those familiar with Buddhism to improve their understanding and practice of the teachings through focused retreat.

Do I need to pre-register?

Yes, pre-registration is required for all of our retreats. Personal retreats with a coach require a minimum 48 hour pre-registration. Our group retreats can be booked online, or you can call 845-856-9000 or email info@kadampanewyork.org

What do I need to bring to the retreat?

Some people like to take notes so you may wish to bring a notepad and pen.

Weather can be unpredictable so dress in layers and if you hike, bring footwear for hiking. Bring a flashlight to use on the paths in the evening coming from the Temple to your room.

This is Northern Arizona! On average, there are 266 sunny days per year. The July high is around 84 degrees. The January low is 20. The average yearly snowfall is 70 inches.  Check the weather and pack accordingly.

If you are in a dormitory please remember to bring a sleeping bag and a towel.

How should I dress?

Feel free to come however you are comfortable. We do ask that people remove their shoes and hats when they enter the meditation rooms.

Can I sit on a chair on retreat or do I have to sit cross legged?

Yes, you can sit on a chair! There are also other seating arrangements for those who like to sit on the floor in the traditional cross legged style.

Will I be asked to say anything, or speak in front of a group of people?

No. Typically, each session finishes with a short period for Q&As and you can ask questions if you want to.

Is there any physical exercise involved, such as yoga?

No. All retreats and courses at KMC New York focus on meditation and training the mind.

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