Weekly Chanted Prayers

All chanted prayers are free of charge

Wishfulfilling Jewel with Tsog Offerings

24 Hour Tara Prayers - Streamed from Manjushri KMC

Join hundreds of people around the world for this powerful online puja at which we recite Liberation from Sorrow, Prayers and Requests to the 21 Taras and deeply request the Blessed Mother to bestow her blessings on all living beings so that all sickness and other obstacles are quickly removed. Everyone is welcome to join in.

Every 7th & 8th of the month

Offering to the Spiritual Guide

Every 10th & 25th of the month: 7pm (MT)

Powa Ceremony

Once a month on Sunday at 5pm MT. Please check back here monthly for the date.

Check our Online Calendar for dates


Once a month on the 15th 6:30am MT.