Love: The Great Protector
November 30th - December 3rd

with Gen-la Kelsang Jampa

Cultivating universal love that embraces immeasurable living beings is the best way to deepen our spiritual practice and to benefit others in these troubled times. Currently, this precious attitude of mind is very unstable and fleeting. We forget it for days on end as we immerse ourselves in mundane ways of thinking and acting. By training our mind, love becomes spontaneous, unshakeable, and unconditional. During this retreat, we will take time to discover the magical world of loving-kindness within us.


"The very presence of someone who cherishes all living beings removes negativity from the world and gives back loving kindness." Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche

Gen-la Jampa is an internationally renowned, ordained Buddhist teacher and the Deputy Spiritual Director of the New Kadampa Tradition - International Kadampa Buddhist Union (NKT-IKBU). As a senior NKT teacher, he has been a student of Venerable Geshe-la for many years, and under his guidance has taught at many centers and events internationally. Gen-la is well-loved for his clear and inspiring teachings and his ability to touch people’s hearts through his sincerity and loving-kindness. 


$70 Full Course
$10 Friday Night Only
$50 Saturday
$20 Sunday Only
$10 Monday Retreat (half day)


Friday, November 30th
7:30pm Teaching

Saturday, December 1st
9am Meditation
11am Teaching
4pm Teaching

7:30pm Meditation

Sunday, December 2nd
9am Meditation
11am Meditation
4pm Meditation
7:30pm Meditation

Monday, December 3rd
9am Meditation
11am Meditation



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