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Maintaining A Pure Heart

With Gen Kelsang Sangden

Post-Fall Festival Retreat

October 20 - 25

Everyone is welcome to join us at the IKRC Grand Canyon for a post-fall festival retreat based on the teachings given at the 2023 Fall Festival at KMC Spain, in Malaga.  


Gen Sangden will guide meditations and give commentary on the teachings from the Festival on the Eleven Reversals which show the benefits of Lamrim meditation and are an inspiring measurement of how to progress on the spiritual path. 

More information coming soon. 

Registration Opens June 2024

Gen Kelsang Sangden

Gen Sangden is the Resident Teacher of KMC Mexico and the National Spiritual Director of Mexcio, Chile, Nicaragua, Colombia and Peru. She has been practicing and teaching Kadampa Buddhism for over 20 years. She is appreciated by her students for clear and inspiring  teachings. 

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