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How about a counting retreat?

We hope everyone enjoyed Summer Festival this year and received great inspiration for engaging in Highest Yoga Tantra practice!

In this blog post we would like to update you on some important changes to the Mountain Retreat, as well as let you know about a great opportunity from someone to help in the kitchen.

As you are probably aware, the sixth traditional Kadampa World Peace Temple is appearing in Malaga, Spain. For International Spring Festival 2022, we have the great good fortune to gather at this extraordinarily beautiful Temple for the opening ceremony with our General Spiritual Director, Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong. How wonderful!

At this Festival, Gen-la Dekyong will also be granting Je Tsongkhapa empowerment with teachings on the Guru Yoga of Guru Sumati Buddha Heruka. With this in mind, we have decided not begin the Mountain Retreat with Je Tsongkhapa empowerment this year.

Instead of starting on December 31st, the retreat will now begin on Friday, January 7th. The objects of meditation during the 6-week retreat remain exactly the same as was announced in our first blog post.

In addition, due to receiving many requests, we are very happy to announce that we will simultaneously offer a Heruka counting retreat using The Yoga of Buddha Heruka!

There will be a separate meditation room for those engaging in counting retreat and Gen-la Jampa will be available to answer questions and provide support.

**Please note that due to social distancing requirements, the number of the space available for the counting retreat is limited.**

Also, to assist in the completion of this close retreat, Gen-la Jampa will preside at the Heruka fire puja following. The date of the fire puja will be announced in the next few weeks. Anyone who has previously completed a Heruka counting retreat is also welcome to attend.

We are really looking forward to you joining us for this very auspicious start to 2022!

Finally, there is an opportunity for a working visitor to assist our wonderful IKRC Cook and Kitchen Manager, Rex, during the Mountain Retreat.

Please write to our Admin Director Kelsang Lamden at

if you are interested.

In future blog posts, we will show you some of the big improvements we are making to the accommodations, the Temple grounds, cafe and more!

Registration for the Mountain Retreat, as well as the Heruka counting retreat will Open October 1st at 12pm Arizona time.

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