March 20 - 26

Spiritual refuge means finding inner protection from our problems and fears by developing Dharma realizations. During this retreat we have a perfect opportunity to deepen our experience of refuge by connecting with Buddha’s blessings and receiving encouragement from our spiritual friends, sangha. Then we can quickly and easily make progress on the path to the inner peace of liberation and enlightenment.


During retreat we temporarily withdraw from our usual routines and activities, and learn how to relax and develop peaceful, positive minds through meditation. 

This retreat is not guided.


Friday March 20th

7:30pm - Introduction

Saturday March 21st - Tuesday March 24th

7:00am - Session 1
11am - Session 2
4:00pm - Session 3
7:30pm - Session 4

Wednesday March 25th

7:00am - Session 1

11am - Session 2

4:00pm - Session 3

7:00pm - Offering to the Spiritual Guide


Thursday March 26th

7:00am - Session 1

11:00am - Session 2



$10 per day plus accommodation


IKRC Grand Canyon 

6701 E Mountain Ranch Rd, Williams AZ, 86046

6701 East Mountain Ranch Road

Williams, AZ  86046

Tel: (928) 637-6232