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Streaming from the IKRC Grand Canyon


The IKRC Grand Canyon has been granted special permission to stream our weekly Sunday morning class, to those in the USA who meets specific criteria.


If you are not attending your local Center or branch classes in person, and you are not participating in your local Center’s at-home study program, you are welcome to apply using the button at the bottom of the page. If approved, you will be given further details on how to register.

At-home Study Programs


Your local Center’s Foundation Program (FP) and Teacher Training Program (TTP) classes will be available online if you are unable to attend for reasons such as personal disability or distance.


We encourage you to join these programs to keep your connection with your local Center.


These programs offer you more in-depth guidance on the path to enlightenment and happen once, twice or even three times a week. You can learn more here about these programs.

In order to continue streaming our Sunday GP class you will need to apply to the new program and meet the following criteria:


  1. You must live within the continental USA. 

  2. You are restricted from attending an NKT-IKBU member center because of the following:

    1. You are not able to attend due to the distance (more than 2-hour drive) from the Center or one of its weekly branch classes.

    2. You have a personal disability that prevents you from attending in-person at a local NKT Center.

  3. You are not able to register and attend your current NKT Centers FP/TTP classes in person or by correspondence (Live stream or recordings). 

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