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Dear Friends,


If your local Center or a Center closest to you, other than the IKRC Grand Canyon is streaming you will be asked to join their membership programs and join their streaming. Unfortunately, we can not make exceptions. We, the IKRC Grand Canyon, like all NKT Centers need to follow the same rules to make it fair for everyone.


If your Center does not start streaming again, you can remain on ours. We will be in contact about joining a membership program to access what classes and events we do stream. These new guidelines say that NKT Centers may stream, they do not have to stream. Our streaming programs will be limited to something we can do for the long term. Not all classes, retreats, weekend courses, and pujas will be streamed from the start.  


What does this mean for you and streaming at the IKRC Grand Canyon?


We will be streaming classes live only. No more replay will be available. We will be streaming our Sunday classes and will be moving to only streaming to those ONLY in northern Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Nevada and Montana over the next 60 days.


What should I do?


We ask that you start reaching out to your local Center about joining a membership and starting to stream there. You will not be kicked off or loose access to teachings until your Center starts streaming again or by May 22nd. We will monitor all the US NKT Centers’ progress and May 22nd of this year, we will stream to only those in Northern Arizona, Utah, and Nevada.

Please do not wait until the last minute to contact your local NKT Center.

Re-Apply to join 

Because of the new streaming rules and our official memberships going to be announced in the coming days. All those wishing to stream our classes, courses, and events will need to reapply to stream. 

If your local Center, the NKT Center closest to you, is currently streaming any General Program Class, you will need to join the membership and the classes there. We can not make any exceptions. 

If your local NKT Center, is not currently streaming you can attend our class until the Center nearest you begins streaming. We are in constant communication with the other US NKT Centers and can help you contact the right people in order to join. 

Those ONLY in northern Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, and Montana will be automatically approved. Those living in other US states will be approved on a case-by-case basis if your local Center is NOT currently streaming or will stream soon. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

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