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Volunteer Visits

Volunteer Visits

Our working visit program is a great way to experience life at IKRC Grand Canyon and to act on your compassion.

In exchange for 35 hours of voluntary work per week, working visitors receive dormitory accommodation, three vegetarian meals per day, and the opportunity to attend daily prayers and General Program classes held at the center.


Jobs vary depending on the season and your skills. Examples include assisting with meal preparation and cleanup, light housekeeping, preparing visitor accommodations, office work, and light yard or garden work.

Note: Health insurance is a must. We will ask to see a driver’s license or other ID upon arrival, and require emergency contact information as part of the application process.

How to apply for a working visit at IKRC Grand Canyon:

Please fill out a working visit application.


We will reply to you shortly, either to confirm your working visit or to ask for more information. If you have any questions, please email or call 928-637-6232.

General Volunteering

IKRC Grand Canyon is a nonprofit organization that operates through the kindness of volunteers.  By volunteering, you will:

     • Join a joyful spiritual community
    • Participate in creating meaningful events
    • Discover working opportunities for all abilities and interests


Among the many ways that you can offer your help are cooking, cleaning, maintenance, sewing, gardening, graphic design. . .and much more!  Whatever your skills, let us know, and we will find a suitable volunteer opportunity for you.

Volunteers are welcome to assist us at any time, either when you have spare time or on a regular basis.


This is Northern Arizona! On average, there are 266 sunny days per year. The July high is around 84 degrees. The January low is 20. The average yearly snowfall is 70 inches.  Check the weather and pack accordingly.

Some ways you can help

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